Our Commercial Services

Go Pro's Sanitizing SiArmor antimicrobial spray coating is EPA registered for a ramification of facilities and surfaces. We need your commercial enterprise to be easy, your surfaces to be safe, your workforce healthful, and your customers glad.
Go Pro Sanitizing will assist get you there.

Office Buildings

With the aid of assisting a more fit office surroundings, Go Pro Sanitizing can assist with the productiveness of the workplace workforce with the aid of reducing the quantity of ill days being used and improving productivity that is regularly dwindled by way of infection.

Mass Transportation

Buses, trains, taxis, and other public transport are exposed to bacterias, viruses, and (things that cause disease) from all walks of life. Take the (serving to stop something bad before it happens) approach to (keeping things clean and disease-free) by stopping those germs directly on contact with any of their surfaces by using Go Pro Sanitizing Si Armor.


Medical/Nursing Homes

Go Pro Sanitizing SiArmor is the perfect addition to the strict cleaning rules of behavior supplied at medical and nursing facilities. Making certain of constantly safe gadget and surfaces to medical teams and different body of workers healthy for work, as nicely as assist the unwell and vintage get better that a great deal faster.


Go Pro Sanitizing Si Armor is secure for children and could help prevent the unfold of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens frequently surpassed around on surfaces like desks, crafts, toys, door handles, cabinets, counters, and chairs.


Go Pro Santizing Si Armor has been rated a “meals secure” antimicrobial coating by centers round the sector, which makes it the correct germ preventative for eating places, grocery shops, take-out stores, and so much more.


Utilizing Si Armor on both hard and soft surfaces, such as furniture and carpets, during their cleaning routines allows for more thorough sanitizing regiment. 



Airplanes are recognized to regularly have germ-infected surfaces and it’s difficult for crews to preserve up with the cleansing demand. Save time and passengers of infection by way of coating seats, trays, bathrooms, carts, and greater.

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From docks to offices to break rooms and a vary of vehicles, these spaces are communal and utilized by a spread of humans and equipment. Restrict the spread of contamination by using treating surfaces like reception areas, cafeteria areas, machinery, and greater.

Health Clubs

Among the machines, locker rooms, water fountains, doorknobs, and other system constantly getting used and touched, it’s tough to recognise when machines were properly wiped down via visitors. Go Pro Sanitizing takes the guesswork out of that by proving their SANITIZING procedure WORKS!!!.