Commonly Asked Questions and Responses

How is your product different then what is on the market today?

  • We are a patented EPA approved product with long lasting coverage, until it is abraded off. Other products on the market today do not have as long of a live kill. The longest lasting competitors is 24hrs vs. ours is weeks to months.

Can you continue your normal cleaning regiments?

  • You can wash and clean the surface without removing the anti-microbial as we recommend keeping your normal cleaning schedule.


Will this damage any of the surfaces it is applied to?

  • SIARMOR is suitable fabrics include polyester, polyester-blends, cotton, fleece, insulation, fiberfill, foam, leather, synthetic leather & hard surfaces such as wood, metal, & drywall.


Will it leave water marks or streaks on elevators or stainless steel?

  • It can leave a white residue on some surfaces, but you can wipe it down with a dry cloth to blend it in.

How does SIARMOR impact fabric durability and performance?

  • SIARMOR was designed to be highly compatible with a wide range of fabrics. Unlike other antimicrobial agents that can be harmful to humans or the environment or to cause discoloration and fabric finish, SIARMOR does not negatively affect products’ safety, integrity, functionality, aesthetics or durability. In fact, by eliminating bacteria-caused stains and odors, SIARMOR actually improves the performance and durability of fabrics to which it is applied.

Is this product safe?

SiArmor Surface Spray is:
• Fragrance Free
• Petroleum Free
• Gluten Free
• Non-Greasy
• Safe to Handle
• Cost Effective


Does SIARMOR contain any harmful chemistries?

  • There have been no adverse effects reported on people, plants or animals, and it is EPA registered for skin contact applications and Oeko-Tex certified for all end uses (Classes I-IV). It is free of arsenic and contains no heavy metals (e.g., copper, mercury, arsenic or tin) that can remain in the environment after use. SIARMOR also does not contain nanotechnology or polychlorinated phenols common in some other antimicrobials. In a landfill, SIARMOR’ active ingredient will break down to its basic components of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and silicon dioxide (sand or quartz) in about five years.

Is this a CDC approved product?

  • The CDC says that normal household cleaners are effective, we have tested beyond a normal household cleaner. We have tested against cdiff, mrsa, e-coli, and 8 other common pathogens with 99.99% effective kill rate, which normal household cleaners have not tested against.

What does this kill?

  • Gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses. This also continues to stop growth of mold and mildew.