SiArmor Surface® Solution disinfectant and antimicrobial protectant in a liquid spray and is EPA approved with long lasting protection to provide protection for most any surface.  When applied to a hard surface, antimicrobial protection remains on unless abraded off. We recommend spraying low traffic surfaces once a month and high traffic surfaces once a week. 


SiArmor Surface® Solution is easy to apply and safe to handle requiring only normal safety gear.  


Formulated for use in hospitals, clinics, first responder vehicles, bars, restaurants and more, SiArmor covalently bonds to a hard surface. You can wash and clean the surface without removing the anti-microbial as we recommend keeping your normal cleaning schedule. 

SiArmor Surface® Solution Benefits –

 Spray Liquid


  •  Fragrance Free
  •  Petroleum Free
  •  Gluten Free
  •  Non-Greasy
  •  Safe to Handle
  •  Cost Effective

1 Gallon SiArmor Surface® Solution

  • Directions for Use: Super saturate hard surface with spray. If surface is bumpy rub in with a cloth. Let surface dry completely. For high traffic areas spray once a week. For low traffic areas spray once month for continuous antimicrobial protection.