Touchless Thermal Digital Advertising Kiosk
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


GO PRO SANITIZING is offering a hand sanitizing dispensing display to help people stay safe and informed. This new digital signage kiosk with an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial-grade 21.5-inch display. Functions including advertising display, built-in 1000ml hand-washer, and camera with thermometer function, can detect and shows body temperature on the screen automatically.


Hand Sanitizing Station

A logo or any artwork can be applied to the stand at an additional cost. 

Our Hand Sanitizing Station (HSS) comes with a black metal floor stand which makes sanitizing convenient. It has a sturdy construction and stable design to avoids tipping. It is ideal for use where wall-mounted dispensers are not practical. A 500ML Touchless Foaming Sanitizing Dispenser with Waterproof, Infrared Motion Sensor, a simple and sensitive LCD screen clearly shows the sanitizer mode and the remaining battery power. A 1 gallon of Alcohol Free Foaming Hand sanitizer which will leave your hands soft and smooth and not dried out. And a magnetic drip tray that will protect your floor

 Our dispenser unit does not require any bags, just add our recommended solution and you are ready to go!!!